Are you concerned about your young person? Have they asked you for help?

You might be worried about them for all sorts of reasons but feel that there is something underlying whatever they are experiencing.

Let’s talk, it could be a language and communication difficulty. If it is, we can help.    

We can support you by providing:


Assessment starts and ends with a discussion; with us listening to you and your young person. It includes questions, activities, thinking and talking.

It identifies language and communication strengths, what skills can be developed through therapy and what strategies are needed. It can diagnose Developmental Language Disorder.

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Bespoke intervention packages are designed to support young people to deal confidently with the demands of school, college, community and the workplace.

Strong liaison and joint planning are embedded within every intervention. Therapy can be delivered wherever it is needed so young people can practise and become confident in using their new skills in real life contexts. 


Reports can be written to help anyone working with your young person to understand their speech language and communication needs, what impact these are having on their life and how everyone can work together to best support them. Reports can help inform Education Health and Care Plans and support at tribunals.

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Training packages can be developed for schools, colleges or workplaces to raise awareness and develop understanding of speech, language and communication needs and what to do to be a supportive, accessible and communication friendly environment.